Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

PLZ HELP!!!! Little Dog Kiwi Needs Long-Overdue Surgery!!

via Deborah Dusty Debandi:
My Little Dog Kiwi Needs Long-Overdue Surgery: Dear Facebook Family: It was suggessted to me by a Care2 friend that I might want to post a need that I have to this Group. I am not one to ask for any kind of help from anyone but when it comes to my pet Kiwi....I have no shame and will humble myself. I am terminally... ill and on a very low disability check. My little dog Kiwi was diagnosed with Bi-laterial Patella Fluxation which cost around $1400 per leg to fix. I rescued little Kiwi and literally went to jail for Felony Dog Knapping by litterally taking her out of the back yard of my neighbors as he was kicking her and beating her with a bicycle chain. She was only about 6-8 months old then and I feared for her life. Well to make a long story shorter...I ended up winning the case and the man who was abusing her ended up being charged and my charges were dropped, then fined $1500, got six months Probation, ordered not to have another animal for 5yrs. and then was ordered to pay for all of my court cost and Attorney fees. The little dog ende d up as evidence and sent to the Animal Control Shelter pending outcome of the hearing and then she was put up for adoption and I got a call from the Supervisor that she was going up for Adoption and I was the first one there and I adopted her. She is now about 11yrs. old. She was diagnoses with the B.P.F. when she was about 1yr. old but the Vet told me that as long as I vigoriously exercise her that it would strenghten her joints, muscles & tendons and would prolong it for awhile but surgery would eventually be inevitable. The Vet is surprised that she has done so well but I taught her to chase and catch a frisbee and play ball since I am handicap and could not very easily walk her as I wear leg braces and use a cane. I have been out there exercising her come rain or shine, snow or ice - it doesn't matter as my little Kiwi came first for me. I have had to go thru alot of Chemotherapy and hav e had 2 strokes and 2 heartattacls and also have Parkinsons Disease. To this day, I do not know who saved who. If I saved little Kiwi or if she saved me, but she is the love of my life. I am spending roughly around $90 a month for Rimadyl to help control pain and inflamation but she is starting to get where that medicine is no longer working not to mention it is bad for her Liver to be used over an extended period of time. She has been on it now for about 7yrs. Her back legs are starting to get stiff and her legs go out of socket all of the time. I can't bear to hear her cry and I don't know what to do anymore. There is only about $38 left over after I pay my rent (I live in a Assisted Living), the Electric and Kiwi's medicine so there is nothing really to put back to even save for this surgery. I thought about going out and holding a sign, I asked the pet stores if I could put a can up in their stores for donations and they said "No" so I don't know what else to do . I have no family and I am alone with just me and my little Skye/Yorkie Mix Kiwi. I won't ask for money for myself but will let my Pride go to ask for help for my dog. I have set up a "Kiwi Debandi" fund at my Vet should anyone want to make donations to the cause. I have also set up a paypal account. My Vets Name is: Carolina Veterinarian Specialist, 501 Nicholas Rd. Greensboro, N.C. 27406, #336-632-0605, Acct.#69055, Dogs Name: "Kiwi" Debandi, My Name is: Deborah "Dusty" Debandi. I live in Greensboro, N.C. Kiwi and I would appreciate any and all help that anyone can give to us. My E-mail address is also: Thanks for listening! This story can also be found on (Dusty ) 12/27/10!/photo.php?fbid=1377132126858&set=a.1377132086857.46591.1788520545