Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Jade - Love is the Best Medicine

My name is Jade and I'm a Pit bull Mutt-i-gree™. I'm only 7 months old and have already been through a traumatic ordeal. Just a short time ago, I was living in a small, overcrowded shelter, and I wasn't sure what was going to happen to me. I was very sick and looked it.

North Shore Animal League America changed my life. They rescued me and placed me in their Help Me Heal Program, which nurses pets back to health. Doctors examined me, people flooded me with attention and affection, and I finally felt safe.

The Animal League doctors diagnosed me with a delicate condition called megaesophagus. My esophagus can not properly move food down into my stomach, causing me to regurgitate. This regurgitation can be very dangerous and even deadly. I can choke on my food and suffocate or I can starve if food doesn't get to my tummy.

Because of this, I need to be upright when I eat. My food has to be soft and I have to remain upright for about 20 minutes after I'm done eating. Staying upright took some getting used to. But the Animal League made me my very own chair - like a baby chair that holds me secure and keeps me as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately though, megaesophagus is permanent, so I will have to have my meals this way for the rest of my life.

I also had a very severe case of pneumonia - so bad that the doctors were afraid I wasn't going to make it. Pneumonia and megaesophagus are a lethal combination. I was so sick; I could barely move. But nobody gave up on me. People sat with me - even when I was sleeping. It was very comforting during a very difficult and confusing time. I'm finally stable but still need to rest and still need to be hospitalized.

If you can believe it, I was also diagnosed with severe demodex infestation, which is a skin disease caused by mites. My skin is bright pink, flakey and I'm very itchy and uncomfortable. Most of my hair has fallen out, but it will grow back when I'm better. Everyone says I'm still beautiful. That makes me happy.

Even though I have all these problems, I'm not worried. I'm getting excellent care at the Animal League. They've already gotten me stable from the pneumonia, have my feedings down to a science, and soon I'll have a healthy coat. But they're not just giving me medical care, they're giving me tons of love…and love is the best medicine in the world. When I'm all better, they'll find a family to love me forever.

It's because of you that the Animal League's Help Me Heal Program is able to take care of me and so many other sick pets. You save our lives.
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