Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

Please Help Clear NC Gassing Shelter on January 22, 2010

From Help Save One:

Hello Everyone,

I am asking every person who receives this to please post far and wide. It will only be a success if we are able to bring awareness to this mission.
We will have media there so it is imperative all goes well and this has an impact to changing the laws in NC via AWARENESS.

On Friday January 22, 2010 Help Save One, Inc will be going to Gaston County shelter in Dallas, NC to clear them out of any urgent dogs. Gaston County is a high volume gassing shelter.

On Friday January 22, 2010 dogs will not be wheeled in a cart to a gas chamber and die a slow death.

On Friday January 22, 2010 there will be at least one day where the black chow, the shy pit bull, the old hound dog, and the tired mixed breed dog will be picked first. For a change, they won’t die.

This is just one day, at one shelter, in one state – but it’s a start.

The inhumane practice of gassing will end. There is no doubt. The question is – when?

Let’s make January 22, 2010 a day where awareness is brought to citizens who may not know this is going on. Their voices can be heard and they can demand their tax dollars not support this barbaric practice. It is also a day people will get to see the beautiful dogs that are thrown away and so horrifically gassed.

Let’s make 2010 the year where this shameful practice is dismantled and we never have to revisit it again.

If you can help with this mission on January 22nd please contact us via Facebook or you can email us directly at marissa@helpsaveone.org or info@helpsaveone.org.

What we need most is offers to help transport, donation of supplies, and monetary donations to help with the vetting and transport expenses.
You can read more about the mission at :


Also available on the website is photos of the dogs currently in the shelter that we will be updating in real time. All donations received this week are being placed towards this mission except if you are specifically using a different fund (kittens or Cowboy have their own funds).

Thank you
Help Save One, Inc
Fax: 401-633-6299
Paypal: urgentdogs@helpsaveone.org

From the website:

Below is the face of every dog and puppy inside Gaston County Animal Control. Every one of them will be gassed this week if a rescue does not step up. This is updated in real time.

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