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Ginger has crossed the rainbow bridge and Louie is all alone, 11 yo gsd shep lived entire life in shelters

Thank you Kathy for your Hope and Compassion

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Subject: Ginger has crossed the rainbow bridge and Louie is all alone, 11 yo gsd shep lived entire life in shelters

I am sending this to all of the generous and animal loving people that I know in the hopes that you can help me. Many of you met Ginger and Louie several months ago when we worked desperately to find them a forever home when Pet Rescue closed. They had spent over 10 years together at Pet Rescue Miami and when the shelter was forced to stop operating, we all worked tirelessly to find a place for them to go where they would not be separated from each other. A most wonderful and giving human being offered them a place in an outdoor sanctuary in northern Florida. Unfortunately, 3 weeks after arriving at the new shelter, Ginger became ill and went into the hospital. Her caregiver went to the ends of the Earth to save her life and Ginger fought as hard as she could, but in the end we had to say goodbye to our feisty girl....and Louie had to say goodbye also. It has been many months now and although Louie has accepted that Ginger is not coming back, he is still a very lonely soul. Our hearts are breaking for him. He has lost the only home he ever knew and then his life long buddy.

 I know there is a family and home out there somewhere that could be made richer by adding Louie to their lives. He is a big teddy bear who loves to play with his squeaky toys and loves to play fetch. He loves his treats and really loves to take long walks. He used to be so patient with Ginger when we would walk them together. She couldn't keep up with him because she only had 3 legs and he used to wait for her to catch up. Louie would love to live his remaining years with a loving family, to play endless games of fetch with endless supply of squeaky toys and love. Even though he is in northern Florida, the home can be anywhere. We will get him wherever he needs to be to have what he has never had! The home he has waited for his entire life. In memory of Ginger, can we all do this for Louie? ..

Please send his story out to everyone you think will care.

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Louie, of course, is the big teddy bear on the right with his squeaky toy. Next to him is our beloved Ginger.. Rest In Peace Beautiful Girl Ginger and Louie

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