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The cats are in the Highland Park area.

From: Jacquelyn Gonzales <>
Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 12:14 PM
Subject: URGENT: Cats Being Trapped and Taken to Pound by Neighbor After Their Owner Died - photos

I am crossposting this email on behalf of Julia Pennington. There are a total of 8 cats that she needs help with. Three are tame and the rest are feral or semi-feral. Please read story below and if you can help, please contact Julia at the following email address:

Thank you,


--- On Tue, 1/19/10, julia pennington <> wrote:

From: julia pennington <>
Subject: Cat being trapped and taken to pound by neighbor after their owner died - photos
To: "julia pennington" <>
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 8:10 PM


These cats were left with no one when their guardian died a few weeks a go. Now a disgruntled, cat hating neighbor has gotten a permit to begin trapping to "get rid of" them! Several people have been taking turns feeding while a plan was being worked out on how these kitties could be rescued and re-homed before the house was sold. However, now everything has become even more urgent. This same neighbor has also already expressed interest in buying the property where the cats are living feeling like she would get a good deal. So besides hating cats she clearly has another agenda as well.

Please help to save the lives of these kitties by networking to anyone who may can help. The first three seen here are starting to come close enough to the feeders to be touched! It is thought that they lived inside the house with the owner much of the time, but are now freaked out with her absence. If they could go to homes where they can be inside they most likely come around to trusting people.

The others seem to be feral. If anyone has a safe yard where they could be relocated please let us know ASAP. In addition to the ones shown here there are three others (one brown siamese, one blue grey and one grey and white) who were too camera shy to get a good image.

If you can help please contact us ASAP - The neighbor is planning to start her trapping to hurt these cats at the end of this week.

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