Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

Germany: ‘Fox Week’ Sees Hunters Killing Thousands of Beautiful Animals – ** Please Crosspost ! **

Dear colleagues,

please find photos of this week’s find in the animal body disposal unit here:
6 freshly shot foxes (3 last week already) from last weekend presumably.
It is the German Hunters’ annual “fox week” apparently, where they specifically kill large numbers of foxes.
All these pics (except for ‘hunter forum’ one referenced below) were taken at an animal disposal collection point in my area (Stuttgart area). This is really just a bin – a rubbish bin in a freezer – where people deposit animal bodies and parts to be disposed of: run-over pets, slaughter waste, “euthanized” animals, kills by hunters – entire or just skins, legs/feet, heads ..

Foxes are a regular feature of this bin, and with the current annual “fox weeks” in Germany thousands of foxes are being shot these days up and down the country.

It’s been 9 in 7 days so far in this ONE location.

Please crosspost and send this link and photos Worldwide - SAV.

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