Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010



Once again Animal Welfare Inspector Jabu has come to the rescue of a dog, this time a little fox terrier that was found "buried alive"

On Sunday morning a man passing by a secluded area some where between SECUNDA and Standerton, heard a yelping noise, he looked around but could not see anything, and so continued on his way. On Monday morning when passing the same place he once again heard the noise. This time he stopped and located the source of the noise.

To his shock and horror he found a fox terrier type dog buried in a mound of earth, right up to ITS ears. Yip! just like when we where kids on the beach, Just the little head left sticking out. The big difference, this was a remote area and no one was supposed to find the dog.

The kind soul immediately contacted the SPCA's emergency line and Jabu was on the scene shortly afterwards. He and a colleague dug up the mound and freed the dog, who immediately made sure his tail end was clean before he followed his rescuer to the SPCA vehicle. Once Jabu got the dog to the bakkie he gave it water - it drank and drank - about 2 liters non stop.

"Lucky" is now safely at the SPCA kennels, non the worse for his ordeal.

How can you help - easy - If you hear any one talking about this incident let us know so that we can bring such a uncaring person to court and leave his/her fate to the residing magistrate.

Please contact the SPCA on 017 632 2654 or 082 222 1122 to report emergency situations like this one.

Congratulations Jabu, your fast action stopped cruelty in its tracks.

Your donation to the Highveld Ridge SPCA makes a difference, it helps pay Inspector Jabu's salary and vehicle costs so that he can react swiftly to complaints of cruelty - contact the Highveld Ridge SPCA on 017 632 2654 or to find out just how you can donate
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