Dienstag, 2. Februar 2010

Animal sanctuary may close! Urgent help needed!!

Hillfields Animal Sanctuary will close if the public do not pull together & act immediately!


Linda Tudor has been rescuing & caring for the animals at her sanctuary for more than 30 years, helped by her daughter Charlotte. All the animals have been rescued from cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. More than 300 rescued animals are now living out the rest of their lives free from the threat of further cruelty, finally at peace in the sanctuary - their home.

Just one example: Blossom has been with the sanctuary since she was just 2 weeks old. Like many other calves she did not spend any time with nor was she allowed to drink from her mother and was destined for the traumatic journey to Holland to be fattened up in a veal crate. Hillfield's is now her home and at night she snuggles up in the barn with goats and a donkey.

However, owing to crippling debt that has been forced upon the family in  further private devastating circumstances through no fault of their own, the sanctuary will now close if immediate funds are not raised and the animals' safety is therefore at risk. Please do not let this happen to such a wonderful lady, her daughter & these innocent animals!

We must act now to raise funds, through fundraising, collections, publicizing the situation through the media & raising awareness or immediately setting up a standing order, whatever you can afford, however little, but please please DO SOMETHING & DON'T LEAVE IT TO  SOMEONE ELSE!

PLEASE if you can donate, and crosspost far and wide. Cheques can be sent to:

Hillfields Animal Sanctuary
Green Hill
B60 1BL

The phone no is 0121 445 3828.
Contact Wendy at basiltherat@webtribe.net

The website is http://www.hillfields-animal-sanctuary.com/
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